Private Label Coffee & Coffee Bags

We are a wholesale coffee company and factory located in Alicante, Spain. We sell to coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and any other coffee-related business. We manufacture our own bags from rolls which allows us to be able to provide printed bags as also labelled bags. We solve all the complexities of having a private label coffee. We sell to clients all over the world. We have helped hundreds of clients have their own coffee brand. We work with all the mandatory certifications to be able to clear customs worldwide. We are a registered and certified coffee company.

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private label coffee black 250g
Private Label Coffee
Private label Coffee
Private Label Coffee
Private Label Coffee

Wholesale Coffee Catalogue & Prices

A private label coffee label

Prize-winning Coffee Project 2018

Our following OEM or white label coffee project has won no.1 prize in Premium-quality Coffee and Luxury Branding Category.

Private Label Coffee Supremo
Private Label Coffee
Private Label Coffee – Traditional
Private Label Coffee
Private Label Coffee – Inga Aponte
Private Label Coffee
Private Label Coffee – Pink Bourbon
Private Label Coffee
OEM. Your Own Brand. Private Label. White Label.

A Private-Labelling Coffee Company

We provide complete private label solutions to clients around the world,
helping you be able to sell your own quality coffee brand.

Our company is a coffee factory, wholesaler and distributor in Spain. We serve clients of all sizes. We provide a complete private coffee label service with the highest quality coffee. …

How well are we doing?

Our numbers study indicate:

Types of coffee we wholesale
Countries we sell to
98 %
Satisfied feedback
92 %