Our company is a coffee wholesaler and distributor. Our main buyers are medium and small businesses due to our very specific solutions. We provide a complete private coffee label service with the highest quality coffee and we can also provide you with beautiful coffeeshop website design for your business.


  • Original and 100% pure coffee beans ―no mixes guaranteed
  • Exclusive selection of the finest Colombian specialty and premium coffees
  • Luxury packaging 100% made in USA 
  • Bag includes high-quality zipper, keep the coffee fresh once opened
  • Highest quality digital printing with special labelling, unique to our products
  • Option of distributing a prize-winning design.
  • Expert farmers handpick the coffee one bean at a time, selecting only the finest produce for us.
  • We manage high level of sales so this allows us to always have very fresh coffee. The coffee is freshly harvested and transported directly out of the best coffee farms, with no intermediation except the premium quality roasting. We ship only hours of very few days before shipping. It simply cannot get any fresher or better.
  • We only ship by air because our beans and highly-demanding top-class end-clients deserve and require only the best. In fact, fresh coffee should ideally be consumed within 2 weeks of packaging 
  • Roasted in Colombia by Colombian master roasters and shipped right after.

We specialize in coffee and we specialize in private labelling.

A white label coffee company

Daily we receive dozens of queries from all over the world, looking for a wholesale coffee supplier from origen. They indicate the need for, not only a private label coffee supplier, but also a supplier that accepts small orders or a supplier with no minimum. Apart from that, there is a big need for a company that can also provide private label coffee bags. Many contact us looking for a coffee dropshipper.