If you are looking for a premium coffee wholesaler in Colombia or Europe, that offers a private label coffee service, look no more!

Who are our typical private label clients?

Our clients are usually small-medium coffee shops, hotel chains, boutiques, small distributors, and a variety of small businesses all related with coffee.

Why would one seek a Private Label Coffee supplier like us?

When you enter this fascinating coffee world, there are numerous challenges to face and many suprises that you will find along the way.  

The first challenge is where to buy your coffee from. Not any coffee supplier will be able to offer you the quality you wish to have for you own brand. The coffee has to be freshly roasted but the coffee beans have to be freshly harvested. Many low-priced coffee sellers may be able to offer very low prices if the coffee has been sitting in some warehouse for ages. 

And when you find the quality, you will have to see if he provides Private Labelling. You will need a Private Label Wholesaler that can offer you a good price, so you may make profit. You will need a coffee seller with low purchase minimums. He needs to be able to offer you coffee bag options without needing to print 20,000 coffee bags. 

We try to help our clients minimize the number of challenges and surprises by offering a complete tailor-made solution. 

  1. Coffee starts in coffee farms. Coffee farms are usually very small, usually run by single families and with very low production capacity of few baskets per month. These small farmers are usually very poor and do not posess certifications, which are very costly. These farmers then take their freshly harvested coffee beans to cooperatives where they can sell their coffee and get a fair Price for it (hence the “Fair Trade” certification). Not anyone can buy from these farmers or these cooperatives. You have to be a national coffee company and a coffee exporter. There are endless regulations and certifications that are requiered to be able to export coffee around the world. Governments control the coffee production, the quality of the coffee export. They do this to preserve the image of the coffee of the country. To be able to ship coffee abroad, the coffee has to go through a public organism that has to authorize the export. Only official and registered coffee companies, as ourselves, comply with all requierements and regulations. 
  2. Big buyers buy complete containers of green or roasted coffee beans. These are shipped to locations all over the world. Shipping via ship can take 1 to 2 months + clearance time. Please be reminded that coffee is a live product and gets older by the week. The shorter the time from farm to coffee cup, the better the taste of the coffee.